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Your Family's Service Coordinator

Your service coordinator will support your family the entire time you're in Early On. Your service coordinator is your main contact and will: make sure your family understands your Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP), help your family understand your rights (procedural safeguards), ensure that your services are delivered on time, and continuously seek appropriate services and supports to benefit the development of your child during his or her time in Early On.

What Does Early On Look Like Today?  

Research has changed what Early On services should look like today.  No longer should your home visit involve a provider taking a toy bag to your home to work directly with your child.  We know that is not how your child learns best.  Children learn best from their parents and caregivers in everyday activities - like diapering, bathing, eating meals, dressing, shopping and playing with siblings. 

You know your child best, so you and your Early On provider will be working closely together on each home visit to figure out learning opportunities in your daily activities.  Our focus is to support you in helping your child learn and participate in the things you do and the places you go.  You will be provided guidance and support on how to use everyday activities to promote learning so that your child is receiving the best quality intervention. 

Intervention = comes from the child's natural caregivers, who are usually parents and other caregivers.  You provide the most effective practice, encouragement and guidance for your child to help him/her succeed. 

Service = the professional activity from your Early On provider to ensure you have interventions you can use all the time between home visits, when child learning really happens. 



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