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How to Make a Referral to Early Intervention Services

Early On Process for Families

Anyone can make a referral for an Early On evaluation if it is suspected that the child is developmentally delayed or has a physical or mental condition highly associated with developmental delay.

Those who make routine referrals to us are called, "primary referral sources". They can include hospitals, physicians, parents, child care providers, local education agencies, public health facilities, and other social service providers.

There are many options to make a referral. Call: 1-800-Early-On (1-800-327-5966)
TTY: 517-668-2505 available for the Deaf and or Hard of Hearing
Fax: 517-668-0446
Refer Online  Refer by Email  Refer by Fax

What is the Referral Timeline?

After the designated agency (typically the intermediate school district) has received the referral, the following activities and timelines (from the receipt of the referral) must be accomplished and met:

  • a service coordinator must be appointed as soon as possible,
  • notice to the family of the referral and request for permission to evaluate the child must be made within 10 calendar days,
  • a complete evaluation and assessment must be conducted within 45 days, and
  • an IFSP meeting must be held within 45 days.
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