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Let's Make a Plan

The Development of the IFSP

Individualized Family Service Plan

After the evaluation which has indicated that your child is eligible for Early On, your service coordinator will set up the time and place for your first meeting. It will be held within 45 calendar days from the date that your local Early On received the referral about your child. At this meeting, you and your service coordinator will work together to develop a plan that explains the activities, supports, and services that your child and family will receive in order to help him or her learn and grow.

This plan is called an IFSP, and it is used frequently throughout a child and familys journey with Early On; IFSP stands for Individualized Family Service Plan. The plan is developed specifically for your unique child and family. Your strengths, needs, concerns, priorities, and resources are unlike any other families, so your plan will be original and unlike any other.

The IFSP addresses the changing circumstances and development of the whole family, including the child. The plan is reviewed every six months or more frequently if your family requests or if conditions warrant an earlier review. An annual IFSP meeting is held annually to evaluate and revise the plan, as appropriate, for your child and your family. 

"One of the things I like about our IFSP is that it is a plan which can change. Also, it feels like the IFSP belongs to our family and not to the providers working with us. I like that." - Mother of a 15-month-old

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