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How Do We Get Started?

Finding Out if My Child is Eligible for Early On®

After your child has been referred to Early On, your family will receive a written notice within 10 calendar days. This notice will include a form to ask for your permission to evaluate (or screen if appropriate) and an initial copy of your family rights.

Your service coordinator will be in charge of setting up the appointment for an evaluation. The evaluation is a way to learn about your child's growth and learning. The evaluation can be completed anywhere your family or child spends time (for example, in your home or a childcare setting).

Your Early On team will look at how your child grows and learns (e.g. thinking, talking, moving, hearing, seeing, responding to others, and taking care of basic needs). During this time, you will have the opportunity to talk about your child's growth and development since birth and your concerns. The Early On team will also gather information about your child's overall health and wellness. This may include information from your child's doctor or caregiver. The purpose of this evaluation process is to better understand the whole picture of your child.

After all the necessary information is gathered, the Early On team will review the information to determine if your child is eligible for Early On. The evaluation may find your child is not eligible; however, Early On can still help by giving ideas and information about the next steps for you to take.

If your child is determined eligible for Early On, the next step in the process is the development of a plan, also known as the Individualized Family Service Plan.

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