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Early Childhood Education

Early Childhood Education is the cornerstone of our State. Scientific research states that by investing in our children at birth, the State of Michigan will benefit from the long term effects of quality education from career to college.

"Michigan remains on the forefront of using the research to support the implementation of high quality early care and educational programs for very young children. Parents are recognized as their children's first and most important teachers. Parent programs provide support and education for families who choose to participate. Research is also telling us that program quality plays a significant role in outcomes for children." - Office of Early Childhood & Family Services, Michigan Department of Education

"Beginning in the earliest years, communities must provide opportunities so all our children come to school ready to learn." - Superintendent of Public Instruction, Michael P. Flanagan

Early Childhood Investment Corporation
"Children learn more from birth to age three than any other time in life. During this time, what we do matters and will determine the way they learn, think and behave forever. To ensure all children in Michigan have the opportunity for a Great Start and a Great Life, I have launched a statewide effort to coordinate both public and private efforts to achieve common objectives and measurable results for Michigan's youngest children." -Governor Jennifer Granholm

Learn More about the Early Childhood Invesment Corporation. The Early Childhood Investment Corporation is charged with implementing the whose vision and mission are aimed at ensuring a Great Start for Michigan's children aged birth to 5:

Great Start Vision

A Great Start to make every child in Michigan safe, healthy, and eager to succeed in school and in life.

Great Start Mission

The purpose of Great Start is to assure a coordinated system of community resources and supports to help all Michigan families provide a great start for their children from birth to age five.

Phone: (517) 371-9000
Fax: (517) 371-9080
Address: 8164 Executive Court, Suite A
  Lansing, MI 48917
Michigan Council for Exceptional Children
The Michigan Council for Exceptional Children is a state chapter of the National Council for Exceptional Children, and part of the national community of educators who are the voice and vision of special and gifted education. Our mission is to improve the quality of life for individuals with exceptionalities and their families through professional excellence and advocacy.
Contact: Laurie Jefsen, Executive Director
Phone: (269) 336-4673
Fax: (269) 365-9578
Address: 527 Grand St
  Portage, MI 49024
Michigan's Children
Michigan's Children is a statewide, independent voice for children and their families. We work with lawmakers, business leaders, and communities to make Michigan a place where all children have the opportunity to thrive.
Phone: (517) 485-3500
Address: 215 S. Washington Sq, Suite 110
  Lansing, MI 48933
Office of Great Start
The Michigan Office of Great Start was created to provide a great start for all Michigan's young children through its responsive, high quality programs. The Office of Child Development and Care and the Head Start State Collaboration Office within the Department of Human Services will join the Office of Early Childhood Education and Family Services to create the Michigan Office of Great Start.
Website: Office of Great Start website.
Phone: (517) 373-8483
Address: 608 W. Allegan Street
  P.O. Box 30008
  Lansing, MI 48909
Transition to Kindergarten Parent Guides
The Michigan Department of Education (MDE), Office of Great Start/Early Childhood Education and Family Services, is pleased to share a resource for parents of children entering kindergarten. The resource is a culmination of many offices within MDE working together to develop Parent Guides, a series of tip sheets which highlight a variety of questions parents may have when their children are entering kindergarten.
Website: Transition to Kindergarten Parent Guides website.
Great Start to Quality
Access your local Great Start to Quality Resource Center that provides you with assistance in finding: A provider in your area. Information about financial assistance. Head Start, Early Head Start, Great Start Readiness Programs and 21st Century Community Learning Centers. A lending library containing books, CDs and other learning materials for you and your child.
Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children
"The Michigan Association for the Education of Young Children is committed to improving the education and welfare of children from birth through age eight. MiAEYC works for young children, their families, and early childhood professionals."
Phone: (800) 336-6424
Fax: (517) 351-0157
Address: 839 Centennial Way, Suite 200
  Lansing, MI 48917
Michigan Head Start Association
The Michigan Head Start Association represents the Head Start programs and community that play a key role in the transformation of early childhood education in the state of Michigan. Head Start grantees bring a long record of success in working with the most challenging young children and their families in partnerships with those in education and family services.
Phone: (517) 374-6472
Fax: (517) 374-6478
Address: 808 W. Lake Road, Suite 205
  East Lansing, MI 48823
Michigan Division for Early Childhood
The Michigan Division for Early Childhood (MiDEC) is a subunit of the Michigan Council for Exceptional Children (MCEC). The MiDEC has been recently recognized by the National Division for Exceptional Children, as of July 21, 2009. .
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