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Let's Make a Plan


After your child's evaluation and assessment are complete, eligible children andn their families will participate in an IFSP meeting.  At this meeting, you and your Early On team will write your IFSP using all of the information that has been gathered so far about your child and your family.  Each part of this plan's name has meaning: 


The plan will be written specifically for your child and family. 


The plan will focus on changes you want to see for your child and family as a result of your participation in Early On.  These changes are referred to as outcomes. 


The plan will include details of the early intervention supports and services your child and family will receive-incuding what, where, when, how often, how long, and by whom services will be delivered. 


The plan is a written document that can be changed as your child's and family's needs change. 

For more information about this process, click to view the Early On Michigan Family Guidebook and related documents. 








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